Teamwork and Collaborative working

Why collaboration is the focus of the future in the workplace

The workplace is changing at a fairly consistent pace today, not just in terms of the way client or customer service is approached but internal processes too. Collaboration has become an essential tool for businesses looking to get ahead and this naturally involves breaking down departmental silos and getting teams across an organisation to interact and integrate on a more comprehensive level.

What does collaboration actually mean?

Collaboration simply takes the actions of two individuals or a group of people who are working towards a common goal. Today, this is frequently done in the virtual world, as well as the physical one, and tends to involve the sharing of skills and ideas to help move objectives forward. Collaboration is a powerful tool that can have significant benefits for any business and is increasingly becoming the way forward for a more agile and effective approach to working.

Collaboration in practice

10 years ago it would have been common for employees to start their day by opening an individual document or spreadsheet on their specific workstation. Today, thanks to the way that technology has developed, in many organisations that first step is opening up a collaborative tool such as Slack to check messages or progress. Applications such as this are designed to enable businesses to centralise tasks and the discussions that are taking place around specific projects. There are many opportunities for greater efficiency in this new age of tech-driven collaboration, as well as more transparency and reducing mistakes.

Why collaboration is the focus of the future in the workplace

Industry disruption

Every sector is being disrupted by factors such as technology today and collaboration offers a way to navigate changing waters. Particularly when supported by digital tools and platforms designed to make this easier, it’s much simpler to support expansion and growth in the face of change when collaboration is the driving force behind an approach.

Greater problem solving potential

Two heads are better than one, as the saying goes, and this is especially important when it comes to problem solving. Technologies that enable more collaboration allow for wider input into issues and ideas in order to deal with, and develop, them.

The teaching power of collaboration

Workforces today are more diverse and multi-generational than they have ever been before and collaboration is the ideal way to take advantage of this. A culture of ongoing learning can be supported by a focus on collaboration, which enables opportunities for growth and development, as everyone is able to learn from one another.

Pooling skills and strengths

The main benefit of collaboration is that it brings together a wide range of different skills, experience and abilities and applies them in a focused way. Effective collaboration will enable a team to share strengths and find the optimal solution to any problem.

More collaborative workplaces are a significant focus for any business today. The benefits of creating a culture around this are many, from improving growth and progress to creating happier employees.

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