Hinkley Point C Power Plant

What will be the onward legacy of Hinkley Point C?

In terms of the UK nuclear energy industry, Hinkley Point C has been a significant development. Full construction at the plant was commenced in 2016 and since then it has grown significantly in size and structure, meeting its development deadlines and striving towards its end target to be a supplier of electricity to UK homes and enabling Britain to switch to a greener energy infrastructure. So, what will the onward legacy of Hinkley Point C be?

The story so far

Since 2016, when contracts were signed and construction on Hinkley Point C could actually begin, development has been swift. This power station in Somerset now employs more than 3,200 people and has been responsible for significant local job creation. It has already reached many of its major milestones, including finishing the construction of the 4,500 tonne concrete platform that will support Hinkley Point C’s reactor buildings. The huge construction project is on course to meet the next major milestones that were set for the project in 2019.

The onward legacy of Hinkley Point C

Contributing to the next generation of construction and energy talent

EDF committed to hiring apprentices to work on the project and 250 have already been contracted. These young minds could supply the next generation of innovation and experience to help bolster the construction and energy sectors.

Job creation

The work at Hinkley Point C has already been responsible for the creation of thousands of jobs. This has provided a boost to the industry during tough times and has helped to shape the future careers of many.

Enabling the UK to transition to an energy infrastructure that has clean sources at its heart

Although there is sometimes disagreement over how clean nuclear energy is, it is certainly an improvement on other sources such as oil and coal. Its construction will help the UK to meet its climate change commitments as a result.

Powering UK homes and businesses into the future

The power station is set to be a significant source of energy for the UK. It will provide fuel, for example, for more than six million homes for more than 60 years. By the end of 2025, the power plant is predicted to be the supply source for 7% of the country’s electricity needs.

Industry productivity

Some of the best minds in the business have been working on the processes and construction at Hinkley Point C. This has led to innovation to drive up productivity and efficiency that will have a positive impact sector-wide.

A positive economic impact

As well as being responsible for the creation of thousands of jobs in the South-West, Hinkley Point C has provided the UK with an economic boost. £10 billion of contracts have already been awarded as part of the project and almost two thirds of these have been to UK suppliers.

Projects like Hinkley Point C are designed with future impact in mind. From economic benefit to innovation and job creation they have a great deal to offer.

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