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What environmental concerns surround urban regeneration?

Urban regeneration has come a long way in the 21st Century. Today, UK towns and cities are being redeveloped to make way for more useful construction that is designed to solve problems, such as a lack of housing or the economic decay of certain areas. For every construction project environmental issues can be key, and especially so when it comes to the redevelopment of inner city areas where eco standards may be increasingly strict. So, what are the key environmental concerns surrounding urban regeneration?

The impact of development on health and lifestyle

There is currently a lot of focus on the way that development is having an impact on the lives of the people who surround it, and who will live in it. Crucial to this is the relationship between the quality of an environment and the health and wellbeing of a local population. This is a factor in virtually every development today and especially in urban areas that already present significant environmental challenges.

Urban regeneration and the local environment

The impact of a regeneration project can also be measured in terms of the effect it has on the local area and environment. This is where it becomes crucial for reconstruction projects to seek involvement from a wide range of stakeholders, including those who are best placed to bring a clear understanding of existing local environmental challenges to the table. Those challenges could be in terms of creating more eco friendly developments or the need for an urban regeneration project to be sustainable in every way.

Creating truly sustainable communities

80% of the world’s population now lives in cities and urban regeneration represents a simple and effective option for providing homes on formerly disused land. However, populations in towns and cities are also largely responsible for overconsumption of natural resources. We are already using around 50% more natural resources than could ever be replenished by the planet – and 75% of that is attributable to towns and cities. Urban regeneration projects face key environmental concerns when it comes to not exacerbating this situation. They also represent a genuine opportunity to introduce positive change into the way urban lives are lived via the construction that accommodates city dwellers. More environmentally friendly development has the potential to have a real impact on eco standards within a city.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

CSR now represents one of the primary drivers behind urban regeneration projects. Local authorities today expect developers to be able to demonstrate the benefits of a project to the entire community in terms of the local built environment and the advantages of reconstructing Brownfield sites. Regeneration projects must be able to deliver on creating more balanced communities, economically and physically, and that includes socially responsible development that shows an awareness of the impact of environmental concerns on future communities.

Momentum behind urban regeneration is building, in particular with respect to the desire to create better quality of life and genuinely sustainable communities. If you’d like to find out if we could help with your regeneration project, please get in touch.

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