What do The RG Group’s Industrial Placements look like?

When it comes to a career in construction there is no substitute for what you can learn when you’re working on site. That’s why industrial placements are such an important part of the learning process. At RG Group we offer these placements to students who are on a four-year sandwich course and looking increase their understanding of the industry, as well as their potential to take the most suitable next steps after graduation.

Why students consider a career in construction

There are some very good reasons why the constructions sector is currently a great prospect for students. Committing to a role in this industry has many benefits, including:

A wide range of available roles

73% of construction firms are looking to hire skilled professionals and by 2020 there will be three million additional apprenticeships available in construction. This is a vibrant industry receiving significant investment in ensuring its future growth. That means plenty of choice in terms of roles and employers.

A versatile career path

Construction is not one of those industries where, once you start down a specific path, you are stuck in that same role forever. There may be many different directions open to you as you progress in your career if construction is where you choose to make it.

Teamwork and results

Construction is a team driven industry and this can provide an incredibly satisfying and supportive environment, particularly if you’re new to the working world. It’s also an industry where the results of your work are tangible and visible. Almost as soon as you start work you’ll be able to see what all your efforts are beginning to achieve.

Industrial placements – opening the door to a construction career

The idea behind industrial placements is to provide students who are already on a four-year sandwich course with the opportunity to get experience of a construction site. It’s through this kind of direct experience that students can begin to appreciate – and get excited about – what really happens day-to-day in this environment, as well as the challenges and opportunities that exist.

Students applying for an industrial placement with RG Group will be offered a 12-month position on site for both Construction and QS/Commercial placements.  Accommodation and travel expenses are covered and a salary is also offered. Some of the benefits include:


Being assigned a mentor who can provide guidance through the placement and help students to acquire a better understanding of what working in the industry involves, as well as how particular roles might be well suited for an individual student.


Working in a supportive team environment surrounded by experienced and knowledgeable specialists able to provide information and answer questions.


A challenging role with a high level of responsibility from the start. We believe the best way for students to learn, and to enjoy the experience, is to apply their skills straight away.

Industrial placements are a fantastic option for students – if you’d like to find out more about a placement with RG Group, get in touch.

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