What current trends are there in the restaurant sector?

The restaurant sector is an interesting place to be today. Recent shifts in consumer tastes and preferences are having a strong knock on effect on the dining industry, creating lots of positive movement. If you’re keen to understand what the people you want to attract to your business are looking for in terms of the food that they want to eat then today’s trends are a great place to start.

The vegan revolution

Although “vegan” is still a dirty word for some people, plant based dishes are increasingly making it onto restaurant menus everywhere as more and more diners switch to this type of diet. Around 13% of people are now vegetarian or vegan and one in five is a “flexitarian.” Vegetarian and vegan dishes are no longer the afterthought to the meat menu that they might once have been. Today, those restaurants that want to get ahead offer plant based dishes with as much investment in their development as the non-veg options.

Integrating technology

From ePOS systems, to being able to make payments via an app, technology is increasingly influencing the way that consumers experience dining. Today, technology can improve service, reduce mistakes and offer opportunities for differentiating a brand – this is a trend that is not going to disappear any time soon.

More sustainable dining

Consumers today are concerned about sustainability and many are already taking significant steps in their personal lives to make better choices and reduce the waste that they are responsible for generating. So, it makes sense that this is driving a trend towards reduced waste and more sustainable dining. Silo was the UK’s first zero waste restaurant – which opened in 2014 – and since then we have seen a significant rate of conversion towards minimal waste dining. And it’s not just about pleasing consumers, there are tangible financial benefits too. As a result the restaurant industry is getting on board with more sustainable practices – for example 80% of members of the Sustainable Restaurant Association now separate waste.

Credibility and trust

Consumers today are much more aware of issues – for example, 88% of people who watched the BBC’s Blue Planet have changed their behaviour in terms of taking action over sustainability since doing so. This means diners expect more from brands too and are more aware – they don’t want to be kept in the dark about where ingredients have come from or over practices that could impact on the customer being able to reduce their eco footprint. That means total transparency about sourcing and being up front about the values your business is built on.

An emphasis on experience

According to research carried out by Barclaycard more than half of consumers would rather pay more for a good experience than spend money on possessions. This is a great advantage for the restaurant sector and a way to create loyalty with consumers who are looking to bond with brands offering an authentic experience that stands out from the rest.

These are just some of the trends that are defining the restaurant sector today. At RG Group we believe it’s key to stay on top of the developments that affect the industries we partner with. Get in touch with our team to discuss your restaurant project today.

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