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What benefits will the HS2 Railway Network bring?

The HS2 railway network is currently scheduled for completion by 2026. It’s an iconic engineering and construction project that will change the way that the UK commutes between London and the West Midlands/the North. There has been plenty of controversy surrounding the project, including the impact it will have on the environment and economic disadvantages for some areas. However, there are also many benefits to the completion of the HS2 railway network in the UK.

A commitment to jobs and careers

HS2 has established an educational programme to help get the next generation into careers in engineering and construction. It will also be responsible for a lot of employment – 30,000 roles will be created just as a result of the construction itself. Once the project is finished, another 3,000 jobs will be set up to help with the daily running of the network. Plus, HS2 will create 2,000 apprenticeships for young people looking to embark on satisfying new careers.

A focus on local communities

It’s worth noting that almost three quarters of the jobs that are being created by HS2 will be outside of London – the project is being set up to benefit many of the areas it will pass through. There has also been careful consideration of the impact of the construction on local communities. For example, a set of standards will be implemented in order to control factors such as noise pollution and traffic congestion.

Connecting up the country

The HS2 network will bring cities in the UK closer together – there are a range of economic and social benefits to doing this. It will connect 8 out of 10 of the biggest cities in Britain, helping to reduce restrictions on commuters and ensuring that distance isn’t an obstacle. There will be 25 stations that make up the network that will be served by HS2. In total, that means that this innovative rail network will be providing a service for roughly half the population of the UK.

Improving the existing rail network

Britain’s railways are overcrowded and often delayed or slow. HS2 will help to overhaul the system and introduce new standards that will improve the experience for commuters. For example, more seats will be available per hour thanks to larger trains, and commuter times between major cities such as Manchester and London will be significantly reduced.

Attention to detail when it comes to the environment

Construction always has an impact on the natural environment. The HS2 project has sought to minimise this with a range of measures, including conserving, replacing or enhancing the wildlife habitats that are disrupted by the construction work.

A boost to the British economy

Thanks to the HS2 network, connections between cities on the network will be faster, enabling people in different geographic locations across the UK to work closer together. In total, HS2 will bring over £92 billion of benefits and will also be instrumental in helping to bridge the North-South divide.

There are many advantages to the HS2 rail network, from the economic to the environmental. It’s a project that has been designed to last.

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