Trevor Puttick

Commercial Director


Trevor has been with RG Group since 2003 and joined the Board 2 years later. Trevor has a diverse range of experience within the industry and has been involved in the living space, commercial and retail sectors.

Trevor utilises his commercial background to help manage his teams efficiently and effectively. Trevor has gained experience of leading an account team with a number of “Blue Chip” Clients including Morrisons and Marks & Spencer, and has a wide knowledge of current industry initiatives on Strategic Alliances and collaborative working and has assisted Client’s in development of their own continuous improvement systems.

Trevor is a good communicator and team leader and will always strive to ensure the whole team shares his common ethos of customer focus and adding real value at all stages of the construction process.

Trevor’s commercial awareness  allows him to challenge all aspects of a project from both an internal management view point, as well as from a client perspective, He understands the importance of Risk Management  and the need to manage all risks effectively and in a competent and professional manner.

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