The rising trends of sustainable construction trends in 2022

sustainable construction trends

Sustainable construction is a trend in itself in 2022. Focusing on more sustainable practices and processes helps to protect the human way of life and preserve vital ecosystems – it will also be a key part of helping to develop a more effective built environment. As construction continues to be a major factor in growth […]

New technology on developing sustainable construction practices

New technology on developing sustainable construction practices

Minimising harm to the environment has been a hot topic in the past few years – but it’s been a theme for decades. In fact, sustainable construction practices were first conceived in 1987, albeit without the advantage of all the tech that we have to make this happen today. Given the advances in technology that […]

Achieve construction sustainability objectives by embracing drone technology

construction sustainability objectives

Following the commitments made at the recent COP26 there is pressure on every sector today to step up to new sustainability objectives. Technology has the power to make meeting these objectives simpler, and faster, and drone technology in particular has a lot of potential. Construction is already leading the way when it comes to working […]