Sustainable construction trends, smart & sustainable buildings around the world

Sustainable construction trends, smart

“Sustainable” and “smart” are two keywords in construction today. As the industry looks to do more in terms of sustainability and protecting the environment, there is an increasing focus on processes and trends that will make this possible. Technology is a big driving factor here, making it possible to reduce emissions and improve performance by […]

RG Group are proud to be partnering with Women into Construction.

Women in Construction

RG Group are passionate about closing the distribution gap for women in construction, and we are proud to be partnering with organisations who share our ethos. Women into Construction is an independent not-for-profit organisation that promotes gender equality in construction, providing bespoke support to women wishing to work in the construction industry. They also assist […]

Can Net Zero buildings bring an energy savings boom?

net zero energy savings

Reducing energy use in buildings has become a key priority, despite the efforts of many fossil fuel giants to stigmatise it. Today, thanks to a wealth of new technology there are many more options for achieving the net zero goals that have been set for modern buildings – and achieving an energy savings boom as […]

The future of energy and net-zero buildings: where is construction headed?

The future of energy and net-zero buildings_ where is construction headed

Construction faces many more challenges than it has ever done, net-zero goals for sustainability being among the highest priorities. But there are also opportunities in there and many ways in which innovation is going to make the industry more effective and expansive in the years to come. We’ve focused on some of the key trends, […]

Can a building be net-zero?

Can a building be net-zero

Net-zero buildings are essential to averting the climate crisis. Given that the building sector is responsible for 40% of global emissions, it’s clear to see how much of a difference net-zero construction can really make. Under the targets of the Paris Agreement, billions of buildings globally will need to be net-zero by 2050 if the […]