Sustainable construction trends, smart & sustainable buildings around the world

Sustainable construction trends, smart

“Sustainable” and “smart” are two keywords in construction today. As the industry looks to do more in terms of sustainability and protecting the environment, there is an increasing focus on processes and trends that will make this possible. Technology is a big driving factor here, making it possible to reduce emissions and improve performance by […]

The Rising Cost of Raw Materials

rising cost of raw materials

While the rising cost of raw materials has generated a lot of headlines in recent months it’s now becoming increasingly apparent just how widespread this problem really is. Research carried out in April 2022 has established that an overwhelming majority of businesses supplying construction raw materials are now being affected by spiralling costs. In fact, […]

Is modular construction the answer to the housing crisis?

modular construction

The UK’s housing crisis is no secret – it has made headlines now for years. Ever since levels of housebuilding began to slow down in the 1970s, the country has been heading towards issues of supply and demand where housing stock is concerned. One solution being suggested to the housing crisis is modular construction. But […]

The growing demand for post pandemic skilled construction workers

The growing demand for post pandemic skilled construction workers

Recovery has been swift for the construction sector and, as a result, there is a growing demand for skilled workers to help the industry continue to thrive in a post-pandemic world. In fact, this year the industry is forecast to reach levels of output that are the same as in 2019, before COVID-19 hit the […]

The Most In-Demand Construction Trades in 2022

The Most In-Demand Construction Trades

The construction sector is thriving again after a period of pandemic-induced stalling. With many sites re-starting, new work in the pipeline and projects like HS2 continuing to require staffing there is a huge demand right now for skilled people who can help the industry to evolve. But there are some construction trades that are more […]

Can Net Zero buildings bring an energy savings boom?

net zero energy savings

Reducing energy use in buildings has become a key priority, despite the efforts of many fossil fuel giants to stigmatise it. Today, thanks to a wealth of new technology there are many more options for achieving the net zero goals that have been set for modern buildings – and achieving an energy savings boom as […]

The future of energy and net-zero buildings: where is construction headed?

The future of energy and net-zero buildings_ where is construction headed

Construction faces many more challenges than it has ever done, net-zero goals for sustainability being among the highest priorities. But there are also opportunities in there and many ways in which innovation is going to make the industry more effective and expansive in the years to come. We’ve focused on some of the key trends, […]

Sustainability in the construction site

Sustainability in the construction site

Construction sites – and the sector as a whole – make a big contribution where emissions are concerned. In fact, the built environment sector is responsible for 45% of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions, with 10% directly associated with construction activities. A more sustainable approach to a construction site will necessarily involve reducing emissions – […]