RG ‘Green Fingers’

RG Group provided some helping hands and green fingers recently to Coram’s Fields playground and park, and created a wildlife garden on patch of unused land.

The team were only too pleased to help the park, located in the heart of London, and spent two days clearing the area and then laying and planting the garden. Bulbs were also brought from home by the team to be planted, and a lot of back breaking and muscle aching was had during two of the hottest days of the year so far to create a noticeable transformation.

The work was undertaken in collaboration with Sainsbury’s charity support of Coram’s Fields, and donations from the supply chain were also received in the form of the garden design and plants from Ground Control, nature trail signage from Optimum Advertising and a bench seat from Fit Out UK. Coram’s Fields have now also recruited a new little group of volunteers to help maintain their new garden.

Gail Clayton, head of Children’s Centre said in a note of thanks ‘We just wanted to express our gratitude to everybody that was involved with the wildlife garden project here at Coram’s Fields. The transformation of the space has been amazing and the children from the nursery have already been on their first exploratory visit. We are really hopeful now that we will be able to get a worthwhile project involving local schools and families up and running in the space. Your hard work, time and commitment really is appreciated by us all. With many thanks, Gail and the staff team at Coram’s Fields’.

Coram’s Fields is a unique seven acre playground and park for children and young people living in or visiting London. It includes a Youth Centre, Children’s Centre, Community Nursery, Sports Programme, a city farm and a cafe. The park is free and open to children and young people under 16 – no adult can enter Coram’s Fields without a child, unless of course you are volunteering…! For further information on Coram’s Fields, please go to http://www.coramsfields.org.