Waitrose, Canary Wharf

Undertaken in challenging conditions within the heart of the strictly regulated environment of the Canary Wharf development, the largest and most ambitious refurbishment project ever undertaken by Waitrose with 74,000sqft of selling space in total subjected to a spend in excess of £1million per week.The 40,000sqft Food sales area (concourse), with footfall in excess of 80,000 customers per week, remained live during all but the final 4 days of the 15 week phased construction programme, with sales still up on year on year from the previous 12 months until the very final stages. The Home (Ground 13,000sqft) and Fashion (First 11,000sqft) floors being closed from week 6 until relaunch (10 week fit out duration).

The conceptual project works included all new ceilings and feature bulkheads, high specification traditional and raised access forms of ceramic flooring, extensive M&E works including all new water chilled refrigeration systems, new and reconfigured stainless steel shopfronts and working alongside shopfitters, Schweitzer, new customer Cafe, Service Departments, Steak and Oyster Bar, Wine Bar, Temperature controlled wine room, Expresso Bar and all new fixturing.


Wilson Mason

Structural Engineer:



EC Harris

Completion Date:

September 2011

Project Timescale:

16 weeks