Sainsbury’s. Whitechapel

Sainsburys - Whitechapel

Following the completion of Crossrail works, which had implicated the Sainsbury’s car park. RG Group were employed to reinstate the car park and store frontage back to its original design.

The works undertaken involved the demolition of a multi-storey car park and multi-storey steel and glazed store entrance atrium which included travelators and lifts. The newly constructed elements required a new store entrance / atm room and the relaying of the car park drainage and the construction of a new car park including signage, street furniture and white lining .  The works were phased over two stages to retain customer car parking and the store trading throughout the works. The works also had to take into consideration vehicle deliveries which had to pass across the first phase of works construction area.

To facilitate the phased works a temporary store entrance and car parking area were initial constructed. This allowed for one side of the decked car park and store entrance to be demolished, which in turn allowed for one side of the final car park layout to be completed.  This newly finished car park was then opened to store customers and the demo and construction works flipped to the other side of the store.

The finished project

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