John Lewis. Chichester

John Lewis - Chichester - Retail Construction

The 5th RG John Lewis at Homes of 7 in total. The project was the fit out  of 2 vacated retail units (MFI and Carpetright).

The project commenced  with the possession of a vacant MFI unit with a phased commencement of  the Carpetright unit 5 weeks later, involving construction of a mezz floor  to the property dividing wall and construction into the Carpetright unit on  vacant possession.

The project also included external remedials including re roofing the  units as well as an extension to the front entrance, new escalator, feature  staircase.

The site was on a landfill site which involved careful reinstatement of  methane barriers including new methane detection system.

The store  format was also redesigned as we commenced on site involving RG to re  programme and adapt to new concepts whilst maintaining a demanding  programme.

The finished project

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