Asda, Netto Conversion Roll Out

RG were appointed by Asda as one of 2 contractors to deliver their 140 store Netto Acquisition programme. RG developed a master programme and strategic approach for the delivery of the conversion of 70 Netto store to ASDA stores. This was done in partnership with ISG Pearce in order to share learning and provide best value and achieve high quality standards.

The conversions were undertaken within a 7 month period in batches of 8 stores. RG ownership began at week -12 and through to to completion and beyond to the end of the 12 month defects period. Each project followed a generic programme structure of 10 days from commencement to completion.

The generic scope for these projects included a full re-brand (including decoration), installation of new Asda fixtures and refrigeration systems, new ATM, new deli, modification of existing services installation and minor structural modifications.



Structural Engineer:




Completion Date:

November 2011

Project Timescale:

44 weeks