Office Refurbishment or Office Relocation, what is best for your business?

Given the impact of COVID on the working world there has been a lot of discussion over the future of the office and what these spaces might look like when we are all back at work. Whether part of a longer term strategy or in response to the need to comply with government guidelines a refurbishment or relocation could be the two choices underpinning office strategy right now. If you’re looking at this for your business how do you decide which is the best option?


Choosing a refurbishment


Office refurbishment could be driven by a number of different factors, whether those are practical or relate to supporting a positive culture and an environment of greater wellbeing. You can refurbish an office by changing the layout, choosing new furniture or interior pieces or to integrate a rebranding process. There are lots of good reasons to opt for an office refurbishment, including that you’ll be making better use of your existing space and you can rearrange it so that’s it’s more supportive of improved employee health and safety, especially in these COVID times. Your office refurbishment might be part of a wider strategy to reinforce the business’ branding or to help increase employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity. If you’re planning a refurbishment then it’s important to ensure that space is effectively used and that you’re not increasing your overheads in the longer term.


Opting for a relocation


During the recent lockdown you may have found that your workforce can function just as effectively from home. Perhaps you’re shifting to a more agile business model with greater flexible working or looking for opportunities to make the way you work less office-centric. Relocating to smaller premises or those that are better suited to the way that you want your business to function can create new operational opportunities. This can involve some challenges, such as finding the right premises for your business and adapting to a culture where a more significant proportion of the workforce is operating remotely. A new location could impact in a number of ways, including how staff feel about it and the way it affects company culture – this will all need to be taken into account. However, there are also many positives to choosing to relocate your business. One of the biggest is the cost saving that can be achieved with the lower overheads of smaller premises. This is also a great opportunity to review what’s working and what’s not within the business and to shift to a different way of operating. You might be able to move to a location that has more of a focus on green priorities and is more environmentally friendly. And there may be many benefits to employees when it comes to working from home or enjoying an office environment that is designed for a different way of working.


The choice between refurbishment or relocation will depend on where your business is today, what goals you have and the obstacles that could potentially cause challenges – every organisation is different but all can benefit from such a shift in some way.

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