Offices that Encourage Positive Mental Wellbeing and Productivity

The office has always been somewhere that employers expect their staff to be productive and proactive and engaged with the business and its growth. And yet there hasn’t always been a lot of emphasis on the way that the building itself can nurture this. Spaces that are small, have poor light or have been furnished in an uninspiring way can have a surprisingly significant negative influence on the way that employees perform and how they feel about the business. So, how do you create an office space that encourages positive mental wellbeing and productivity?


Optimising natural light is going to be key


Humans need natural light and yet many office workers spend 90% of their time indoors. The more you’re able to optimise the natural light in your office space the greater the positive influence this is likely to have. More natural light can boost concentration, positivity and help with motivation too. Design your office space around it, whether that’s putting desks close to windows or creating spaces where natural light can flow in and give employees a break from artificial light sources.


Does the layout work for your business?


Offices come in many different designs, shapes and sizes so layout considerations are likely to be different for each one. What’s crucial is that you’re making the most of the room available so that it creates room for employees to have both privacy and space for collaboration. As well as desks you might want to consider prioritising other areas where employees can carry out specific activities as this change of scene can really help with motivation. Remember that it’s tough to stay focused for eight hours a day so the more variation and stimulation you can introduce via the layout the easier this is likely to be.


Is your space fit for purpose?


While every space is different and every business will be looking to use it in different ways the common factor for most is that the space is fit for purpose and meets the needs of those who are going to be using it regularly. If positive mental wellbeing and productivity are the goals that you want to achieve from your space then its interior design potentially has a lot to offer. Employees are likely to be receptive to the nature of the spaces that they are in, whether they are dull and depressing or stimulating and inspiring. The way that you plan and create your interiors can drive staff towards either of these moods, which is why it’s so important to put thought into which way you want this to go. Colour, for example has been found to significantly influence mood and create emotional reactions while plants can be calming and help to foster greater productivity. The right furniture will ensure that employees are at east and not distracted by pain or discomfort.


These are three of the key components in designing office spaces that encourage positive mental wellbeing and productivity.


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