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How Technology will Improve the Future of Construction Companies

If there is one word that could describe 2020 it would be “turbulent.” Uncertainty has been almost a theme this year, created not just by the COVID-19 pandemic but also the shadow of Brexit. For the design and build construction sector there have been challenges and opportunities and as the year starts to wind down, the chance to look ahead and define what the future of the sector is going to look like once the dust has settled. While there still remain many uncertainties it’s clear that technology is going to have a crucial part to play.


Goals for the built environment


The built environment of the future will need to be designed for resilience and to support a flourishing society, as well as minimising the negative impact that human beings have on the planet. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that were established by the United Nations provide a sound blueprint for what is likely to be necessary over the next couple of decades in order to start reducing the environmental impact of the built environment. These include meeting the targets that have been set for global heating and carbon emissions as well as focusing on preserving ecosystems. All of this must be achieved against a backdrop of long term recovery from the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy. While this may seem like an enormous ask, the use of technology in the future of construction could bring a brighter future much more within reach.


Investment in digital technology


Smart technologies have a lot to offer the construction world, especially where progress and recovery are being prioritised. The use of technologies such as digital twins, for example, is becoming increasingly common. The digital twin is a fairly simple idea that is basically the creation of a virtual representation of a physical situation or asset. The use of digital twins is becoming widespread due to the benefits that include reducing carbon footprint and improving safety and cost efficiency. This kind of digital technology will improve the future of construction in many different ways, helping to integrate more efficiencies into construction life cycles, minimise costs, increase performance and avoiding algorithmic biases that could stop some from accessing these benefits.


Putting people and planet first


Technology holds the key to achieving many of the goals that are being set now as long as tech decisions are being taken in the context of putting people and planet first. It will be crucial to avoid making technology a focus of investment just for the sake of it or purely to achieve some kind of financial goal. Instead, ethical frameworks can be used to ensure that technology is being used in such a way that will support better decision making and better outcomes for the people and the planet.


From digital twins to automation there are many ways in which technology has a role in enhancing the future of construction. The key will be to ensure that this tech is being used ethically and with the right priorities in mind.


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