How are we helping with career development in the construction sector?

Careers in the construction sector can be long and fruitful. There are many different pathways into construction and a myriad of opportunities exist within the sector at all levels. Career development is something that anyone who has reached a certain level within construction on can focus on with the right tools and a supportive employer.

Professional career development

Strongly defined career paths enable people to move forward in their chosen profession. This isn’t something that only benefits individual employees but is also a process valued by employers. When workers advance in professional career development that tends to increase level of retention among staff and also deliver more value to the business as a whole in terms of what it can achieve. At RG Group this is something that we appreciate, which is why we have taken steps to enable all our staff to continue to develop and grow at every stage in their career.

Working in the construction industry

According to a recent study by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), 74% of those working in construction have progressed up through the industry. Most started out as employees, for example as apprentices or on graduate training schemes. Interestingly, more than a third of those who are working in construction told the CITB that they had never had to go through a period of unemployment, indicating just what a great prospect a career in construction really is.

85% of employees in construction have had access to training and development to help them move forward in their careers. Perhaps as a result of this, 80% of workers in the construction sector said that they were satisfied with their careers and happy to be working in the industry. Two thirds of those working in construction said it was an industry that was either “very good” or “quite good” with respect to the potential for career development.

Career development at RG Group

We like to work with ambitious people at RG Group and we are committed to helping everyone to achieve their full potential. We recognise the aptitude that high qualified and experienced individuals have, as well as those who are freshly graduated, and we are keen to support everyone within our workforce. Working with RG Group offers a number of great benefits when it comes to career development, including:

  • A range of tools, support and guidance designed to help our workers move forward in their careers
  • A broad spectrum of opportunities and career paths structured so as to enable employees to progress along a chosen career path – or take steps towards something new
  • A focus on ensuring that everyone who works for us has the skills that they need to do their own role to the best of their abilities, not just with respect to adding value to the business but also in terms of getting the most from the day-to-day experience.

Career development is highly valued at RG Group. If you’d like to find out more about working for us please get in touch.

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