Home Energy Efficiency Projects Soar With Demand

The rising cost of energy prices has hit many households across the UK. This has left people looking for better ways to keep those costs down and save on vital monthly budgets. One way to minimise the volume of energy consumed in any home is with energy efficiency measures, such as insulation and tapping into more renewable energy sources. Now, a new trend is being revealed towards energy efficiency projects, as more and more people in the UK try to find ways to keep their energy costs under control.

The Industry Expects Energy Efficiency Workload To Increase

One recent poll surveyed more than 1,500 tradespeople about energy efficiency projects in the UK. 70% said that there was rising demand from householders with respect to energy efficiency jobs, an obvious indication that this is where many people are investing their time and money in 2022. The tradespeople taking part in the survey came from across the construction sector, providing a clear snapshot of the current situation – they included plumbers, electricians and joiners, among many others.

Improving The Energy Efficiency of UK Housing Stock

It may be due to the necessity of saving money that many people are starting to look at ways to make their living space more efficient. However, there are lots of knock-on positive benefits to this, including when it comes to helping the UK to achieve net zero targets. Housing stock in the UK is some of the oldest in Europe and this has made many doubtful as to whether it could be improved, en masse, with enough volume to help achieve net zero targets by 2050. The momentum being provided by rising energy costs may mean that, not only are homes cheaper to run, but current housing stock is also being decarbonised for the future.

Energy Efficiency Projects Are Multiplying

Thanks to innovation and technology there are now many more ways for anyone to make efficiency changes to their property today. Homeowners are focusing on a number of different types of projects that are designed to make their properties more energy efficient. These include insulation for lofts, walls and ceilings, as well as cavity wall insulation. Many householders are also looking at installing heat pumps and making it easier to access renewable energy sources, such as solar energy via photovoltaic panels.

The Energy Crisis is Changing Construction Too

In fact, many of the tradespeople that were polled for the survey on householders affected by the energy crisis said that their own businesses were also feeling the impact. 80% admitted that the energy crisis had affected the way that they currently do business. That could be anything, from choosing to do more work on a local basis to avoid fuel costs to passing on increases in energy prices to clients. 29% said that they now asked for products to be delivered, rather than having to go and collect.

As energy prices continue to rise, so too does the enthusiasm for energy efficiency projects among the UK’s householders.

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