Graduate Scheme

Could our Graduate Scheme be a good opportunity for you?

Graduating in the current economic climate can seem like an intimidating prospect. However, for those seeking to work in the construction sector there is a lot to be positive about. With comprehensive graduate training provided by employers, such as RG Group, anyone leaving university and looking to take the next steps has plenty of options.

Facts about working in construction

The construction industry is made up of more than 280,000 businesses – that’s a lot of employers offering a very wide range of different roles to graduates. More than 3 million jobs are available within this industry, making up around 10% of total employment options in the UK as a whole. Job opportunities in the construction sector are increasing all the time for graduates – some reports suggest that opportunities are on the up by about 20%, year on year.

Not only that but there are some very attractive financial benefits to working in the construction sector – the average starting salary for a graduate in construction is £29,530. That puts construction up at the same level as other well paid jobs for university leavers and second only to those in the media. Plus, once you’re in construction as a graduate then the rest of your career trajectory is really up to you. This is a flexible and forward thinking industry in which you can choose to pursue the roles that really appeal.

The benefits of a graduate training programme

If you’re currently looking for your first job post-graduation, a graduate training programme in construction has a lot to offer.

  • Great salary and benefits as well as the potential to enjoy company perks, such as health insurance or even a company vehicle
  • An environment specifically designed for graduate level knowledge and experience, structured so as to support development and progress at the right speed
  • The opportunity to pursue an additional qualification at the same time as completing the graduate training programme
  • Being able to work in different roles and develop skills and experience right across the business
  • A degree of job security – for most graduates, job security is not something that can be hoped for. However, construction graduate schemes are offered for a set length of time providing structured job security immediately after graduation

The graduate training programme at RG Group

We have designed our graduate training programme to help us create future leaders of the organisation. Every graduate position with us offers the opportunity to start acquiring key skills and experience to excel in the industry and to better understand what’s involved in working in construction professionally in the long term. Crucially, graduate training programmes at RG Group provide a supported environment in which university leavers can start to develop and thrive.

At RG Group we are always interested in helping to nurture the next generation of talent in the construction sector. If you’d like to find out more about our graduate training programme, please get in touch.

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