Constructing the Future

Three members of RG Group staff took to the classroom in December to speak to students about careers in construction.

Steve Bennett, Chris Twyman and Dave Edwards, all currently studying one day a week at Mid Kent College, visited the Thamesview School in Gravesend as part of their degree course and RG Group’s commitment to the local area to present to the students a talk about the construction industry. The presentation targeted breaking down the stereotypes of the industry including the range of careers available, the qualifications needed and the idea that the jobs are gender specific. There were plenty of games throughout the morning as well, including the students having to determine the order in which a building is constructed and, the most competitive of all, building a structure as tall as possible with only a bag of marshmallows and a pack of spaghetti. Everyone quickly realised that eating the marshmallows was a bit of a hindrance to the task in hand, so once the sugar rush was over teamwork became the order of the day. Every group worked well together and carefully thought out the process.  It was a closely fought contest with just millimetres separating the teams.

Nerys Sandy, Business and Enterprise Coordinator at Thamesview School said to the team, ‘Thank you very much for this morning. The students really enjoyed the session and got involved. There was a high level of engagement in the room’.

Steve Bennett, QS with RG Group said, ‘It’s great to be able to pass on our knowledge about the careers that we enjoy.  Seeing how much the students got from the talk, especially learning about the number of possible careers,  and how much they enjoyed the tasks was fantastic and we are already planning the next school presentation.’