John O Groats to Lands End Charity Ride

RG Group’s Declan Savage needs help to raise money for mental health and suicide awareness.

“Mental health is a big part of our lives right now, We want to help by raising money to increase awareness about the many mental health issues that so many people are facing.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has exasperated the issue. With the country in another lockdown, charity events are difficult to organise and have been largely forgotten about. This is why we are taking it upon ourselves to make the trip.

“We are going to be cycling from the most northerly point of the UK, John o Groats in Scotland, to the most southernly point of the UK, Lands End in Cornwall. We will be riding over 900 miles in 9 days. We will be followed by a support vehicle (motor home driven and navigated by Ollie Bates and Alex Lee) where we will all be resting our heads … and LEGS!

“The riders will consist of myself (Declan Savage), Joey Jackson, Ryan Smaller and Warren Slaven.


“We know times are hard for all of us right now so any donations, big or small, would be greatly appreciated. All expenses during the charity event will be funded by ourselves (unless people want to make contributions). 100% of donations on this page will be going to ‘Mind’ our chosen Mental Health Charity.

“Please can you all like, share, comment and do what you can to show your support and help us reach our goal. Let’s do this to raise awareness for all mental health issues.

“Many thanks, Declan.”

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