How does AI support the construction industry?

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly widespread across multiple industries, including construction. The sector is starting to catch on to developments in machine learning and the supporting technology available. This has also had an impact on how businesses can make use of data – now that the technology is there to process large data sets without the restriction of what humans can accomplish alone, the potential for actionable insights is extensive. So, given the growth of the AI phenomenon, how is this supporting the construction industry?

Speeding up the planning stages

AI can help to make construction planning more accurate and efficient thanks to the way that it is able to gather and process data. Autonomous equipment enables an AI to navigate an area and then to pull together sufficient information to create a wide range of construction plans and documents in a much shorter space of time than would be required to complete the same task with human effort. A broad selection of key resources, including planning documents and maps, can be created in the space of hours, as opposed to weeks, thanks to this innovation.

Managing ongoing construction

Machine learning also has a lot to input during the process of a construction project. It is capable of processing large volumes of data at high speeds to produce new perspectives on how best to move a project forward. For example, AI can combine historic information about similar projects, as well as verifying pre-existing blue prints and data from early implementation stages to provide insights into the best methods to use to work on construction that is currently under way.

Without this kind of support, engineers would be working solely with manual research methods and traditional data capture that doesn’t encompass such a broad sweep of information. The end result is that projects can be more efficiency managed and key decisions better informed.

Improving working conditions

The use of AI can also help to significantly improve working conditions on site. Autonomous equipment and machinery can be used to tackle those tasks that pose higher risks to human workers and are often able to get results in a much shorter space of time.

Inspiring modern construction

AI is changing the way that architects and engineers view buildings today. This is often most obvious in post completion finishing touches, such as smart systems that respond to the needs of the occupants of the building, or to a changing environment, without the need for human operation.

Recording and managing the construction process

BIM (building information modelling) AI provides a way to encapsulate key information on a building, from construction through to demolition. VA (a virtual assistant) is another construction technology that can use AI to enhance this process, even adding in data that is being drawn from sensors around a building, for example concerning faults or maintenance issues.

AI has a lot to contribute to the construction sector at almost every stage. As this technology develops it could completely change the way that the industry operates.

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