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How did The RG Group get on during their Conservation Day at RSPB Broadwater Warren?

Every year, the RG Group Team takes time out to do something worthwhile, and contribute towards a sustainable and deserving cause. This year, on March 23rd, the team decided that we would take our Team Challenge to the RSPB Broadwater Warren, where we could get stuck in with some first-hand conservation work.

Why did the RG Group choose RSPB Broadwater Warren?

There were a number of factors that contributed to us choosing RSPB Broadwater Warren for our team day, including our ethos of promoting sustainability as a company. The nature reserve is an area that is undergoing ecological restoration to increase plant diversity and work against the loss of woodland species across the UK. This cause is close to our hearts, which is why 10 of us travelled and were ready to get stuck in to do what we could to help.

Which woodland species are at risk?

We were briefed when we arrived about the work that we would be doing throughout the day, and we learned that 60% of UK woodland species are actually in decline. At RSPB Broadwater Warren, the aim is to support species like these, such as the dormouse and marsh tit, wasps and bees, by restoring their habitat. The biggest threat these species are facing at this particular site is the extensive growth of rhododendron, which grows aggressively and shades out other life, which is where The RG Group’s team comes in.

How The RG Group got involved

Our job for the day was to take on the challenge of “rhody bashing” which essentially involves clearing areas of rhododendron plant to encourage greater biodiversity in the area. This is hard work, and is extremely physical – the team were using hand saws and loppers to cut away the dense thickets, before dragging this cut material to a clearing where it was burned. We were pleased to play a part in something so rewarding, which has already made a small difference to allow smaller trees and other species to have a home.

Thank you to RSPB Broadwater Warren

We would like to say a big thank you to RSPB Broadwater Warren for this opportunity to have a positive impact on the environment. Our team thoroughly enjoyed the day and finding out more about the work that RSPB Broadwater Warren do on a daily basis to work towards biodiversity and protecting threatened woodland species.

At The RG Group we are passionate about our planet, and work hard within all of our projects to offset C02, and reduce landfill waste as much as possible. Find out more about our focus on sustainability or get in touch with us today to discuss your construction project on 01732 526 851.

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