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Health, Safety & Wellbeing

The directors of RG Group regard safety as a priority area for the company and are committed to achieving and maintaining standards of occupational health and safety – for all employees and contractors and also for members of the public who may be affected by our activities.

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Health & Safety

RG Group do not have a HSW culture. We have a RG culture. We comply with laws, regulations, and requirements as a given, but everyone has a

responsibility to create an approach to HSW in line with our culture.

We recognise that we cannot always fully eliminate safety risks. We have the ability to build a robust workflow and reduce the risks to our people to a level that is acceptable to everyone. As we pro- actively manage the safety risks and implement the most appropriate risk reduction measures, we can ensure that our sites are a safe place to work.

HSW events consist of unwanted outcomes as well as wanted outcomes. We can learn just as much from when a project goes well, likewise a less successful project can still be delivered safely.

Health and Safety
HSW Framework

The RG HSW framework consists of seven sections, selected using insights from employee feedback.

Health and Safety Meeting

Safety events are not our primary opportunity to learn, because they happen less often than non-safety events. We can learn about what is needed for safe operations based on where things go well, or without issue.

We have great colleagues, who work together to help RG Group succeed in many different ways. It is critical to strengthen our thinking and approach to HSW beyond technical and legal requirements.

We have great partners and to set them up for success and support them in the management of safe working environments, is win-win.

Safety comes from managing risk within operational work, so we benchmark performance by assessing how work is done and how efficient we are at creating safe work environments for our products to be built.

Training & Development

Attracting, retaining and developing high calibre staff at all levels in the organisation is essential and it is RG Group policy to plan and implement a number of training and development activities.

On joining, staff start with an induction programme, this is aimed at ensuring that all staff are equipped with the skills and knowledge to perform their primary duties effectively.

Once inducted the staff then join the company Personal Development Review (PDR).

The PDR is the individual’s training and development review that not only drives the individual’s development and progression but also supports the business strategy and is indicative of the company’s belief that the development of all employees is critical to the success of the business.

Careers at RG Group

We recognise that our company is only as strong as its people and that’s why we offer all of our staff the chance to have a varied and fulfilling career by providing training, support and the encouragement they need to reach their full potential.

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