Dave Dixon

Managing Director


David is the MD and shareholder of RG Group, and a founding partner of RG Real Estate. David has been in the industry for 25 years, and his journey began as a site engineer. His career moved into Construction Management where his time began with RG Group in 1999.

Whilst with the business he has operated in the distribution sector and then later managing the Ikea account for the business for several years. In 2008 the relationships held with existing clients led David to start the living space offer for RG Group, in the student accommodation sector. He has developed this sector growth in the business to it now being most of the RG Group business.

David was appointed to the RG Board in 2014 and was appointed MD in January 2022.

As MD he remains active in all elements of RG Group, while now also being appointed as a board director of RG Real Estate.

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