At the heart of our corporate governance and social responsibility activities are our core values of Respect and Growth.

Our heart

Everything that we do at RG Group has an impact on people. This is why our corporate governance and social responsibility has a strong focus on people and the world we all live in and is not just corporate rhetoric. We place a huge importance on all aspects of our working lives.

Our Mind

Our corporate governance and social responsibility focus proactively supports the organisations we engage with and our own business. Wherever we can we will help other businesses and organisations to Grow as part of our day to day operations.

RG adopt the highest possible business standards and trading ethics. We endeavour to treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves, fairly, honestly and with integrity. These include our clients, our business partners and suppliers, RG staff, our society, and the planet.

Our Soul

Everyone in the construction industry, no matter who they are, makes an impact on the environment, the communities they work within and our collective futures. It is up to both the individuals and the construction organisations to ensure that the impact is always minimal and that we strive to make a positive impact on our world. This is why at the soul of our corporate governance and social responsibility is our commitment to tread lightly in all that we do.


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