At the heart of our corporate governance and social responsibility activities are our core values of Respect and Growth.

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A safe place to work

At RG our strategy is to engender a diverse, honest and accountable culture throughout our business and market place. This starts with our people and it is our priority to make RG a safe place to work, whether it be physical safety on site and in our offices or the mental health of our staff, ensuring they are fully supported and valued.

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Community engagement

The nature of the construction industry means we work nationally in multiple locations and so it is vital that we engage with the local communities to assist and reassure them as much as possible. We do this through local charitable activities, school visits, progress meetings and local environmental consultation.

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Culture and ethos

We pride ourselves on being open and honest, creating an environment where our site and office teams have the freedom to be themselves while working hard and having fun. It is equally important that our people can access senior management when they need to. It is this family ethos that fuels autonomy, personal growth and the sharing of ideas.

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Our environment

RG is committed to protecting the environment and acknowledges that the pursuit of economic growth and respect for the environment must be closely linked, with sustainable development being an integral part of our business philosophy. We continually measure our performance on sites and in our offices ensuring we do all we can to reduce our footprint.

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