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Commercial Construction

RG Group have experience in a wide range of commercial construction schemes ranging from £1m to £50m including distribution depots, offices, airports and public buildings. Many of these schemes have been developed as part of wider mixed use developments.

Commercial Construction
Commercial construction Experience


  • Schemes ranging from £1m to £50m
  • Distribution depots, offices, airport and public buildings
  • Care homes and retirement complexes
  • Health centres
Value of Commercial Construction


  • Advice to make the most out of your budget
  • Challenge the design and construction techniques
  • Unlocking and delivering previously unviable schemes
female construction managers


  • Unique understanding of the construction process
  • Established supply chain
  • Delivering on VE and programme savings
  • Reliable single point of contact

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Cottis Yard, Epping

Qualis. Cottis Yard, Epping

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