8 Amenities Every PBSA Should Offer

pbsa amenities

For many young adults, the experience of being a student is one that is treasured. It’s an exciting time for domestic students when they enter the next phase of education at a university campus. The journey towards preparing for a future career and gaining independence sets the course for an exciting journey where students can […]

Designing for Success: Key Considerations for Hotel Construction Projects

hotel building contractors

Building a hotel is an ambitious undertaking that requires careful planning and execution to achieve success. With so many variables to consider, project owners and main contractors must address the key considerations when embarking on such large-scale construction projects. Every detail must be addressed, from design elements to safety regulations, for the end product to […]

Maximising Compliance: A Guide to the Building Safety Act 2023

building safety act 2023

In the wake of the tragic Grenfell Tower disaster, the construction industry has experienced a significant regulatory overhaul with the introduction of the Building Safety Act 2023. This new legislation aims to enhance the safety of residential buildings, especially high-rise structures, by implementing stringent regulations and assigning clear roles and responsibilities to various stakeholders. As […]

Investing in Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA)

PBSA investment

Purpose-built student accommodation, more commonly known as PBSA, is a popular investment strategy for investors and property developers looking to allocate funds into profitable, yet secure investments. Investment in PBSA is one such option which can offer the potential for high returns, as well as long-term capital appreciation and low risk. The student housing market […]

Investing in Build to Rent

Build to Rent construction by RG Group

The UK property market is experiencing a surge of momentum in the form of Build to Rent (BTR), opening up exciting opportunities for both investors and developers. BTR allows them to develop housing that caters specifically to renters, offering an attractive way of creating rental options. Build to Rent developments involve constructing purpose-built rental properties […]

6 technologies that will change the construction industry in 2023

technology in construction

The construction industry is on the cusp of major transformations in the next few years. With advances in technology, construction companies stand to benefit from new innovative technology that can improve safety and efficiency on job sites. In this article, we will discuss six of the different types of construction technology that could change the […]

Women in Construction – Closing the distribution gap

women in construction

One of the constant challenges of the construction industry is closing the gender distribution gap. And whilst some companies have acknowledged the need for change and are actively working to promote diversity and equality in the workplace, there is still a long way to go to level a male-dominated construction sector. In this article we […]

Impact of rising energy costs in the construction industry

rising energy costs construction

The impact of rising energy costs across all professions and households is well documented. Ofgem reports that gas and electricity prices have increased by 500%. The construction industry is a major user of energy, with approximately 3% of the UK’s total energy usage being attributed to the sector. Due to the energy-intensive requirements of construction, […]