What are the barriers to quality assurance in the construction industry?

There is no doubt that quality assurance is imperative to the best possible finish of any construction project. Undertaking quality assurance checks throughout the design, construction and completion helps to reduce unplanned costs, prevents issues from occurring, and can make the whole project run more smoothly. However, there are often barriers to quality assurance in the construction industry that can make this more difficult:

Extra training is required

Something that impacts overall project quality assurance is a lack of construction worker training. Often, unskilled workers will be unable to complete the job to the highest possible standards, and part of quality assurance is ensuring that all workers are fully qualified. If workers have a terrible work ethic and bad attitudes, this can create a “bad seed” effect, whereby even one “bad” worker can affect the way that the rest of the team works, so training in motivation as well as specialist training for specific skills is sometimes beneficial to provide full quality assurance.

Working unrealistically

Planning can significantly impact on overall quality assurance as setting unrealistic deadlines can mean that quality is compromised in order to meet these deaadlines. Unrealistic timing expectations leads to corners being cut, and this is the same when budgets are allocated simply in order for the cheapest job to be done, rather than good value for money. Awarding contracts to the lowest bidder can result in lower quality outcomes and lead to further costs down the line as low-quality work needs to be redone.

Building restrictions

Sometimes there is a lack of control over quality assurance which can lead to compromises being made. This can be down to having too many restrictive building codes as well as a lack of supervision. No oversight can result in miscommunication, information being lost and no accountability for workmanship standards.

Contractors can be difficult

Using a number of contractors can also prove tricky to uphold high quality standards. Working with a range of new people can make getting the best possible outcome more difficult, as well as sharing any equipment that is not the best can reduce quality assurance. All of these things can be a barrier to quality assurance, meaning that customers are less likely to achieve the finished product that they envisage.

The RG Group know that quality assurance is important for each of our clients, and we always ensure the highest possible quality checks are implemented to give our customers peace of mind. Discuss your requirements today by calling us on 01732 526 850.

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