Alzheimer’s Society Midnight Climb

On 21 June 2013, my wife and I ventured up to Glasgow station where we were met by 250 fellow climbers taking part in the ‘Ben Nevis at Midnight’ event. This event is arranged and organised by the Alzheimers Society, for whom we were raising money.

From Glasgow we were transported to the base camp where we were briefed and fed prior to setting off for the summit. It was now 10.30pm, and we were aiming for an ascent to the summit whilst still dark.

The going was tough as we endured every season, whether struggling through the humidity and midges at the bottom, or battling through the rain, hail, snow and 50mph winds at the summit. This wasn’t helped by the fact we could only see 10ft in front of us thanks to our head torches.

The journey was made easier by knowing we were part of a much bigger team. New friends were made along the way, making the blisters a little more bearable.

The support team were amazing, offering encouragement all the way up. I made the summit, despite the weather, while it was still pitch black (the view wasn’t the best!!!) and, after taking in the sights for a whole 10 mins, I began the descent at a slightly faster rate.

As the sun rose, it cleared the way for what was truly a spectacular view. It was unnerving to see the sheer drops on the edges of the paths I had walked up only a few hours earlier.

The whole trip took around 7 hours, and the achievement was celebrated back at base camp with the presentation of medals and rapturous applause by the support team!!

Thanks to the generosity of friends, family and colleagues I raised just over £1,400.

Richard Bailey.