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Will the Northern Powerhouse benefit all in the north?

The Northern Powerhouse is a government policy that aims to promote development in northern UK cities. However according to a BBC-commissioned survey, less than one third of those living in the North of England have heard of or know anything about it. So will the Northern Powerhouse really benefit everyone living in the areas targeted by the policy in the north?

Attracting investment to the north

The aim of the Northern Powerhouse is to reduce the discrepancy in of the north/south divide within the UK by investing into the cities’ infrastructure, transportation, housing and more to attract further development. Confidence in the scheme is currently low, with only 50% of people confident that the northern economy will be boosted through this process.

Local control over changes in the north

One of the key areas that the north will benefit from is the idea that within the Northern Powerhouse, local politicians will have greater control over financial decisions and allocating areas of investment, instead of these decisions being made my London politicians who are not affected by the decisions personally. This is something that 82% of people in these areas agree should be the case, giving back more local control.

The Northern Powerhouse as a rival to London

The Northern Powerhouse over time should help the UK’s major northern cities become rivals to not only London, but many other European cities and economic regions. One main compliant so far is that there has been unfair focus placed on developing Greater Manchester over many of the other areas. This is why educating local people about the Northern Powerhouse is fundamental for its success – so that local residents can be involved in making decisions about resource allocation and more.

How will smaller towns be affected by the Northern Powerhouse?

The fear for many residents in smaller towns in the north is that they will be left behind and overlooked in the development process if they fall just outside of major cities, for example Leigh which is only 15 miles from Manchester City Centre, which doesn’t even have its own railway station.

Change over time

As with any development initiative, it takes time for changes to come into place. It can take years to build new high speed trains, tunnels and other infrastructure, so it’s important to remain open and think of the bigger picture as plans begin to take shape in the north. Over time, this new infrastructure will benefit northern residents who will find their economy is boosted and connectivity is increased. The real impact of the Northern Powerhouse will only be seen as time goes on, however the hope is that northern residents will benefit equally as they become more aware of the initiative and decision making.

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