VR in Construction

Why is the government investing in VR and AR for construction?

There are a whole range of benefits to VR and AR technology within the construction industry. Despite this technology being increasingly employed in the entertainment sector, it is relatively new to the construction industry. However, the benefits are becoming more widely recognised, which is why the UK government is beginning to invest in VR and AR technology within the construction industry.

What improvements can VR make in construction?

Businesses across all sectors are gradually introducing VR but specifically for the construction industry, it can be extremely useful to be able to demonstrate in a very real way what the finished building will look like, both to investors and customers, as well as those involved in making the project happen.

Greater safety within construction

As well as the visual benefits of seeing and experiencing a project before it happens, virtual reality also allows construction project managers to make any changes where there are going to be any problems in terms of structure, but also in terms of worker safety. This could mean ensuring there is enough space for work to take place, that there are fire exits and other elements which will allow the project to be completed safely.

How is the government investing in VR technology?

The AWE Consortium, or Atomic Weapons Establishment, has been awarded £1 million in funding from the UK government this autumn, in order that they can fund research to advance VR/AR technology for the construction industry.  This is a fantastic research and development opportunity that could benefit the construction industry in a huge way.

Working at the centre of development in the construction industry

The RG Group cultivate a culture of openness with our clients and VR is something that can really improve this over time, as we can demonstrate designs to clients first-hand.  It can help us to deliver the best possible outcome in the agreed project time, to make sure that our customers are completely satisfied every time.

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