What duty does the construction industry have to protect their data?

Customers of every industry are now increasingly aware of the importance of cyber security and the risks associated with this. Risks are always growing with hackers finding new ways to attack businesses as technology evolves over time. This is something that companies within all sectors, including construction, must take seriously and address in order to protect against data breaches and unauthorised access to confidential information. So what duty does the construction industry have to protect their data and what does that look like?

High customer expectations

As media coverage of large-scale cyber-attacks have been publicised worldwide, customers are more likely to have security concerns at the forefront of their mind when choosing a company to work with. Customers within the construction sector trust construction companies to fully manage, complete and assess their project design and build process, meaning that they are giving full access to their ideas, internal data and sensitive project-related information to their chosen construction company. These customers need assurance that their data will remain secure and not be at risk of being leaked or compromised, which forms trust and builds strong customer relationships.

GDPR and other legal requirements

This is where GDPR and other legal requirements come into play. The purpose of legal guidelines and rules concerning security is to protect internal data and customer data alike, and encourage businesses to implement strong security procedures which will reduce the risk of any data breach by imposing penalties on any companies which fail to sufficiently protect the data that they hold. GDPR specifically is something that construction companies will need to prepare for, just as all other companies will, before it comes into action in May 2018.

Protecting data is a practical necessity

Construction companies also have a duty to themselves and their customers to protect data in order for their projects to continue to be delivered on time and as required. If data is lost, compromised or temporarily unavailable at any stage during the project timeline, from design to completion, this can prevent it being completed on time. Loss of important files through cyber-attacks for example can mean loss of information that was needed to complete a certain aspect of the project. This wastes time when things need to be completed for a second time, and can mean that the final result is different to the original plan.

Customers that are happy create long-lasting relationships, and here at The RG Group we are proud to have completed many projects for our customers, who have gone on to recommend us to others! We take pride in delivering the best possible outcomes with smooth management along the way. If you’d like to find out more about working with us to deliver an upcoming project, give us a call today on 01732 526 850.

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