Women in Construction

What are the gaps in gender equality in the construction industry and how can this be changed?

At the moment, the construction industry is widely known for being made up of largely male employees, and this is true across all areas of the construction industry, not just the building work itself. And this is a dramatic difference, with nearly 90% of all employees within the industry across the UK being male, showing a clear gap in gender equality in the construction industry. With this in mind, how can this gap be decreased and change the construction industry?

Help women thrive from boardroom to building site

What is not widely publicised is that there are many different jobs within construction besides the iconic “builder” role. It is therefore a great industry to work in that offers transferable skills in design, administration, creativity, as well as practical construction and project management skills – depending on the specific job role. This is something that could be focused on more widely to encourage more women to look at careers in construction, whether they would prefer to be in the boardroom or on the building site itself. Demonstrating the rewards of working on construction could really help to promote gender equality as women are able to thrive in the construction industry.

Changing the face of the construction industry

Further to the point above, it is time to challenge the way that the construction industry has become known. The face of the construction industry should no longer just be about male builders in high-vis jackets lifting heavy objects and operating large machinery, but inclusive of the roles that many women take on. Advertising and promotional materials should show a wide range of genders, ethnicities and ages to be a physical representation of how a diverse construction industry is a better one.

Young women in construction

Millennials care a huge amount in general about gender equality, and so recruiting young workers no only increases the overall construction workforce, but encourages better gender equality within the workplace. Young women should be offered the same opportunities as men within construction depending on qualification and skills, where gender doesn’t come into question at all. This builds a strong community feel, which encourages inclusion and acceptance in the workplace which then is likely to create a more gender equal and balanced environment over time.

Now is the time to recruit regardless of gender

At a time when the construction industry is lacking in workers as a whole, there has never been a more important time to work to reduce the gender inequality in employment within the construction industry and recruit new female workers. If you’re interested in starting a career in construction or moving to working with us, get in touch with The RG Group today on 01732 526 850.

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