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The RG Group work with Carbon Footprint to meet their carbon neutral policy

The RG Group has been working with Carbon Footprint for a number of years now. The organisation work to verify the carbon calculations externally and offer The RG Group projects that help to reduce their carbon footprint over time through different projects that they “buy credits” into. This means that The RG Group are able to provide their building and construction services to clients in the greenest possible way.

This year’s Carbon Footprint project

This year, one of the projects that The RG Group chose to support was the Kenyan Great Rift planting project, which involved providing funding for 200 trees to be planted in Kenya. This is part of a local community scheme, and The RG Group also provided t-shirts for the planters to wear – all of which were sourced in Kenya to give back even more into their economy at the same time.

Helping the local community in the Great Rift Valley

There are a number of benefits of The RG Group supporting local communities within the Great Rift Valley in Kenya including that it helps to offset the company’s CO2 emissions. The area is in need of rejuvenation following periods of destruction through charcoal burning, logging for timber and wood fuel and overgrazing that have led to high depletion of forest vegetation cover. This also led to ethnic clashes between the Maasai and Kikuyui tribes over dwindling water resources, and conflict broke out while tourism decreased.

Projects like this also allow The RG Group to give to a worthwhile cause that helps to reduce poverty, provide new wildlife habitats, and create a brighter future for all of the team members involved in the project, which includes many orphans and people living with HIV/AIDS.

Continuing RG Group’s legacy in Kenya

Over the past 10 years, The RG Group alone have been responsible for planting over 150,000 trees in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, which include a vast range of species such as the Olea Africana, Cordia Africana, and Ehretia Cymosa trees. Throughout this time we have seen significant community benefits as a result of this work, with the projects providing employment, education and new skills.

This year we have continued our legacy, seeing 2 nurseries established within the community which will provide 6,000 of the scheduled 20,000 trees for planting, and further trees are being planted in neighbouring communities by a women’s group and farmer field school.

Environmental benefits

There has been a number of environmental benefits such as water regulation being provided, aversion of soil erosion and landslides and encouraging the growth of biodiversity on the planted sites,. For example we have seen antelope, red forest duiker, eland, dik diks, many bird species, chameleons and many butterfly species.

Continued Involvement

The RG Group are proud to be involved in such fantastic projects via Carbon Footprint and are looking forward to being involved in future schemes that help local communities in need and, at the same time, help us to continue with our carbon neutral policy.

Find out more about Carbon Footprint’s projects here or stay up to date with all that The RG Group are involved in by reading The RG Group blog.

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