VR in Construction

The future of virtual reality within the construction industry

The nature of the construction industry is that it is driven in a big way by contractors, and technology is something that is at the forefront of the growing construction industry.  One such technology is virtual reality (VR), which is currently beginning to be used across the construction sector.

What is VR currently used for in construction?

At the moment, VR is largely being tested in the construction industry and has not yet become a fundamental part of day-to-day projects. However, it has so far demonstrated use in terms of client and project manager transparency and communication, and more. With this in mind, what might the future of virtual reality within the construction industry hold?

Learning potential

Perhaps the biggest area of potential for VR within construction is using it as a learning tool. High quality projection tools and leading VR headsets will gradually build an even more detailed virtual picture of projects which could allow greater exploration and learning about the structure before construction even begins.

Planning within construction

Planning could also be improved, and the process by which this planning takes place. VR has the potential to eventually replace traditional “modelling” as a means-testing method to see whether a project is viable. This means changes can be made, and plans can be changed with the input of both customer and the construction company being taken into consideration at every stage.

Health and safety improvements

Health and safety could also be increased by VR, since it can explore the possibilities of health and safety issues onsite before they occur – for example where tools should be stored, access and walkways throughout the site for optimum work and safety, and assessing future risks.

Communication is easier

Regardless of the background, education and experience of the customer and all those working on the project, such as architects, designers and project managers, something that can help to make sure everyone is on the same page is by offering a visual demonstration and walking them around the virtual site. This can help every person involved to visualise the end product and work towards the same goals, regardless of any barriers such as language.

VR is still a new technology

Despite its huge potential over time, at the moment VR technology is still in its infancy and early stages of development. It is unlikely to be solely replied upon in the construction industry for some time, but use may become more widespread as the technology evolves.

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