What does offsite construction mean for the UK housing market?

Offsite construction is one of the latest techniques to be employed throughout the construction industry. It involves the construction of modular elements of a project to be completed in situ then transported to the site to be pieced together into the finished build. So what implications does this have for the UK housing market?

New innovation to meet UK housing demands

The UK housing market is struggling to keep up with demand, with prices rising as a result and more people being forced to rest. With offsite (modular) construction on the rise, could this be part of the solution? The UK Government is actively encouraging new and innovative entrants to the housing market to meet their aim of building 1 million new homes before the end of 2020. With the actual build numbers far behind the annual target of 250,000 new homes per year, modular housing makes up 15,000 of these at the moment.

Offsite construction for quicker builds

As it stands, only a small number of factories currently have the capacity and ability to produce modular housing, which limits the amount of modular housing that can be produced, however as offsite construction becomes more popular, the number of factories able to facilitate this should increase to meet growing demand. Many industries leaders have already predicted that the growth of offsite construction will have a key part to play in supplying the housing need in the UK, since the build time can be reduced by around 6 months more than standard onsite building.

Innovation is the way forward

The only way that the UK’s housing market will see a slow in price growth and expand enough to provide enough housing to meet demand, is to find innovative and radical ways to speed up the build process without compromising on cost or finish. Offsite construction is just one of the ways that could contribute to growth in housing whilst overcoming time challenges, as manufacturing can take place offsite then be delivered.

The pros and cons of offsite construction

Despite the fact that there is limited resource to build modular elements across the UK, this is likely to grow in future and it could also help to address skills shortages within the construction industry, as offsite specialists become multi-skilled in manufacturing as well as transportation and final construction of different elements. Offsite construction ensures the highest quality at each stage and can reduce costs, but it can be difficult to transport these manufactured elements safely to the site. That being said, offsite construction is no doubt a growing method within the construction industry that could lead to the fast building of new housing over the years to keep up with the growth in demand, at a reduced timeframe and cost.

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