VR in Construction

How is VR technology changing the construction industry?

Virtual reality, or VR, is something that has been growing in popularity over the last couple of years, with the technology being developed further to give even more realistic experiences. But did you know that the most successful constriction firms are now utilising virtual reality technology as part of their day-to-day tools? Here are some of the things that VR is changing within the construction industry:

Easier client involvement and changes

Client involvement is really important for them to be completely happy with their project once it’s finished, whether it’s a retail, living space or commercial development. However this can sometimes be difficult due to client involvement causing delays, or lack of understanding throughout the process.

For example, you may need to make recommendations to the client about changes in the original design – VR technology allows them to actually see this and visualise it before it becomes a reality – saving money if they’re not 100% satisfied and more changes are required, and speeding up the overall delivery of the project.

Virtual mock-ups

VR technology allows construction companies to create a virtual mock up to show the end result. This saves time and is much more accurate than making a physical scale model, which can also be hard to see properly. A virtual mock up shows, in real dimensions, the different project elements, and is also helpful to highlight any inconsistencies or design issues at an early stage.

Saves time and money

Both time and money can be saved by utilising VR technology, since any changes that need to be made due to practical problems or personal design preference of your client, can be made virtually first. This means that you get a full, finished picture, without getting to a stage in the project where delays are caused by changes that are suddenly required. This saves any costs involved in these changes, such as materials and additional labour, and means that the project is delivered on time.

How does VR technology work?

Within the construction industry, one of the best ways to build a virtual environment is to use a drone and cameras to take a full scan and image of the building site. This can be uploaded into a VR headset, which actually means you can physically walk around the site as if you are there at any time.

Virtual reality technology clearly has a place in the future of the construction industry, and the RG Group are striving to explore this in more detail to eventually offer this as part of our service to our customers.

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