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How is the changing UK food retail industry affecting the construction industry?

Significant changes in the UK food retail industry have impacted the construction industry and the demands for building projects have changed. There are a number of different factors that have caused this change, including customer buying habits and improvements in technology, but what does this look like within the construction industry?

Consumer confidence has grown

As a market, the UK food retail sector has grown and expanded overall. This is down to a number of factors that have meant consumer confidence is returning over time. As a result of the booming food retail industry, the demand for food retail projects across the UK’s construction industry has also grown.  Positive house price trends have supported this market and helped to push the retail construction market forward.

Large retail developments

Growth of large retail developments is slowing down due to things like the increase of online shopping, as fewer customers will visit the physical store, so less capacity is required. However, online shopping has not replaced the in-store shopping experience – instead there has been a move towards short-term construction contracts rather than large, ongoing building projects encompassing the plans for many large superstores.

Emphasis on smaller refurbishments

The construction industry has seen a growing emphasis on smaller refurbishment projects within the UK food retail industry. Large brands are choosing to open smaller stores as a response to the booming discount sector and convenience stores. This is a strong structural change within the UK food retail market that is likely to continue over time, with the construction industry building a number of smaller developments in highly populated location rather than large scale stores.

Varying food industry building requirements

There are many different areas of construction that apply to the UK food retail industry, from superstores to warehouses. The demand for larger warehousing is growing hand-in-hand with the opening of new, smaller stores, so stock is being distributed to an increasing number of smaller-scale stores on a regular basis.

Specialists in UK food retail construction

The RG Group specialise in developing old and building completely new retail projects, including a number across the UK food retail industry. They can offer full service from the design to completion, with minimal disruption to trade as well as minimising the impact within the area of construction and neighbouring area.

If you’re a food retailer, no matter how large or small, you can contact the RG Group to discuss how we could deliver your project today on 01732 526 850.

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