Data breach

How can businesses protect themselves against cybercrime?

Cybercrime is on the rise, and in 2015, 1 in 6 construction firms were affected by a cyber-attack. However, businesses all face a risk, and SMEs are equally as likely to face cyber threats as larger corporations. The reason for this is that it’s not necessarily the volume of data that the attackers can get access to – the data is not valuable to them inherently, but the value that the data has if made inaccessible to the company itself is what makes the attackers target firms, since they can demand a ransom for its return or restoration.

Basic levels of protection

Even for businesses that are unable to create a whole secure setup easily without external input from IT experts, there are some basic ways to protect themselves against cyber-attacks. Passwords are important – members of staff should have limited access to information (at different levels depending on what they actually require access to, to reduce the risk of unnecessary access). Passwords should be 16 characters in length, unique for each different staff member and each different application, as this is the most effective way to prevent hacking through your normal security procedures.

What are the biggest threats?

The biggest threats to businesses at this present time include things like virus-related attacks and ransomware, which threaten the complete loss of data if the attackers do not receive the demanded payment. The problem with this type of threat is that it bypasses things like passwords by gaining access due to human error. For example access can be gained by staff members clicking on links within emails sent to them, which can give hackers direct access to any of the files accessible to that staff member immediately.

Education of staff is vital

Staff in any organisation, including the construction sector, must be made aware of these phishing scams and taught to spot security threats and suspicious emails. Perhaps you can invest in some training to ensure that your team is up to date with the latest things to look out for. This is an area that The RG Group feels passionate about since we believe it is a joint responsibility for us to look after and protect both our internal data and customer information, at all times.

Backing up data is key

If you have strong IT resources and knowledge in-house, or whether you outsource this requirement, backing up the data that your company holds is a fantastic solution to preventing the effects of cybercrime. Not only is it useful to have a backup if any hardware damage occurs physically, but should hackers demand a ransom to recover your data, your company can avoid having to pay any ransom to retrieve your data, since you can resolve it yourself once the virus is removed. This is good news for our customers whose data we back up regularly to ensure that all project information and personal correspondence is secure and accessible at all times.

There is only one thing that The RG Group takes more seriously than keeping our customers’ data secure is delivering projects on time and within budget that exceed expectations! If you are looking for someone to manage your construction project, give the RG Group a call today on 01732 526 850.

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