Cyber security is a growing threat to all businesses

Cyber crime is growing across the globe, making cyber security a current and pressing issue. Cyber criminals are constantly evolving their methods as cyber security improves, so it’s imperative that businesses across all sectors are protecting themselves continuously. No business is immune to the threat of cyber crime because every company holds a volume (big or small) or personal, sensitive data that must be kept confidential. This includes the construction industry, where customer details and confidential project information are at risk if they’re not sufficiently protected. So what are the biggest current and growing threats to look out for?

Ransomware as a current threat

Ransomware is something that most of us has heard of, particularly with more big incidents like WannaCry and Goldeneye and even things like WikiLeaks at the centre of the news more and more frequently. These attacks involve attackers gaining access to a network, and downloading a virus onto that network. Hackers can encrypt files and prevent businesses’ access to them without paying a ransom, and even then there is no guarantee that all files will be restored.

Loss of valuable data

The type of data that construction companies in particular hold includes a large volume of customer data, alongside sensitive project files. Many of these documents and files are sensitive and private since the designs are unique and all files are required for the successful implementation of the project – such as initial designs, safety procedures, financial documentation, plan changes, and analysis of project risks. Loss of this data, even temporarily, can pause or stop the progress of projects for long periods of time. This leaves your customers unhappy and their data security breached, leading to potential legal implications and penalties. These consequences are on top of the initial ransom proposed by the cyber attackers. Therefore it is clear that it is imperative for all businesses across the construction sector to ensure that they are sufficiently protected and aware of cyber security risks.

Internal awareness of cyber security risks

Currently, phishing emails are one of the most common threats to companies. These emails, which pose as actual emails from recognised senders such as customers or staff members, contain malicious links. Because the person receiving the email thinks that they recognise the sender, they are tricked into clicking on the link, which then gives attackers access to their files and the ability to encrypt them. This is something that internally businesses should be warning staff to look out for, and advising them to only click on links or attachments that they are expecting to receive.

The RG Group take cyber security extremely seriously, to protect both ourselves and our customers against malicious attacks or put confidential data at risk. If you’re looking for a project to be completed, you can get in touch with The RG Group today on 01732 526 850 to find out how we will protect your data throughout the process.

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