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Current UK skyscrapers in construction and planning

As space has become squeezed in our urban areas, building up (as opposed to out) has become the accepted practice. Tall buildings have provided solutions to the need for office space and also residential living – for example, 30% of homes currently under construction in London are in tall buildings. In fact, London has been a hot spot for skyscraper construction. Already the city in Europe with the most tall buildings, the last few years have seen a record volume of construction going up towards the skies. But what projects are currently in the stages of construction and planning?

London’s skyscraper boom

London is quite the hot spot for skyscrapers and there are already 627 buildings in the city with a construction that reaches above 12 storeys. Former London Mayor Boris Johnson was renowned for the number of skyscrapers that received the go ahead during his tenure, leading some to accuse him of creating a “Dubai on Thames.” Six new skyscrapers went up for each of his years in office with the last six months seeing one tower a week commencing construction. The current London Mayor, Sadiq Khan has expressed a preference toward a slower pace of skyscraper development but the decisions made by his predecessor are still producing results – a record 26 skyscrapers went up in London in 2016 making it officially the location of a skyscraper boom.

Skyscrapers currently under construction

London has certainly proven to be the focal point for skyscraper construction in recent years. However, it’s not the only city where this kind of construction has been popular. Recent projects like the 47 storey Owen Street-Tower C have been completed in Manchester and the 42 storey 2one2 Broad Street in Birmingham. So, what change are we likely to see to UK skylines in the very near future?

22 Bishopsgate

The 62 storey skyscraper in the heart of the City of London was proposed in 2015 and began construction in 2016. It will measure 278.2 metres from ground to tip and is due to be completed in 2019.

Landmark Pinnacle

Another London construction currently under way, the Landmark Pinnacle is being built in the Isle of Dogs with 77 floors. It is due for completion in 2020 and will be residential with three floors of shared amenity space including a landscaped roof garden.

103 Colmore Row

In Birmingham, the 103 Colmore Row construction will provide 26 storeys of office space, due to be completed in 2019.

Manhattan Loft Gardens

This 42-storey construction currently going up in Stratford is designed to provide next generation loft-living, “embracing green space and fresh air to foster a dynamic community of residents and hotel guests.”


This project is part of the “cultural quarter” on the site of the Olympic Park in East London. Its twin towers were originally planned at 47 storeys but have since been reduced to 20 each.

Owen Street-Tower D

Manchester’s Owen Street-Tower D is due to be completed this year, providing residential living space across 39 storeys.

Student Apartment Tower

In Cardiff, the Student Apartment Tower was approved in 2016 and with 42 storeys could be the tallest tower in Wales when completed this year.


Due to be completed in 2018, the Newfoundland building is part of London’s Canary Wharf, providing residential living over 58 floors.

The Trellis

This London building will reach just over 300 metres when finished, giving it the future honour of being Western Europe’s tallest tower after The Shard.

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