How can offsite construction become the delivery model of choice?

Offsite construction could soon become the delivery model of choice for many construction projects, and here are some reasons why…

Financial benefits of offsite construction

There are a number of financial benefits that offsite construction can bring, such as the shorter build time incurring lower revenue and interest on borrowings throughout the duration of the project, which is normally a saving of around 7%. Further savings can be made when offsite methodology is applied across a whole portfolio of projects, such as a large housing construction project. This is particularly true if elements need to be replaced or replicated, since they can be created offsite and brought to the site afterwards ready to be replaced or added.

Faster project delivery

One of the greatest benefits of offsite construction is that, providing there is factory space and resource available, is that it can dramatically reduce the timescale it takes to complete the project. The modular elements can be manufactured offsite whilst the foundations are laid onsite, meaning that this can take place at the same time rather than having to wait to be built immediately after. Finished elements can be transported as a complete piece then assembled, so the whole construction process is sped up.

Other non-financial advantages

Offsite construction also delivers many other advantages including reduced timescales from inception to project completion, as well as greater control over budgeting. It also causes less disruption to things like traffic and noise pollution in the surrounding area as the onsite time is kept to a minimum possible. All of these things can extremely helpful in highly populated areas where disruption could be significant.

A client-led approach to offsite construction

In order for offsite construction to become the delivery model of choice, there must be an approach that gives the client control over the project from start to finish. All options should be clearly explored, but the clients should directly be in contact with their suppliers to find out the cost and time savings they could make for their particular project.

With government schemes in place to promote innovative construction, it is possible that we will see a string rise in offsite construction in the years to come. To discuss your project or find out more about offsite construction, give the RG Group a call today on 01732 526 850.

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